Buying Our Beef

The Best Beef You’ll Ever Eat

This summer we will be hosting several pop-up markets to supply our DC supporters with their supply of meat. Add your name to our  mailing list to stay in the loop.

We’ve learned that soils with healthy energy flows and mineral cycles grow plants with balanced protein to energy profiles, optimizing animal performance, gains on grass and carotenoid-rich fat deposition in our cattle, translating directly to tenderness, full-bodied flavor and nutrient-density in our beef. Our beef is sought after by some of the best restaurants and butcher shops in the country including BLUE HILL AT STONE BARNS, THE MEAT HOOK, and MARLOW & DAUGHTERS in Brooklyn. Now we are opening our chest freezers to you! Get in touch and find out how to buy a half beef , a quarter beef, or even a few prime cuts.

Chef Dan Barber, Abby, Matt, Chef Adam Kaye