Our Story


From as far back as he can remember, Matt has been obsessed with nature and large animals. He grew up on a horse farm in suburban Maryland where he became enamored with the natural world around him. Later, on fishing trips with his father in the Northwest Territories of Canada, his love of wildlife and wilderness grew as they flew long distances at low elevations over herds of musk ox, reindeer, and the grey wolves pursuing them. He obtained a degree in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College in Vermont, and along the way became inspired by the insights of the nature writers Aldo Leopold, Gary Snyder and, independently, Allan Savory. These visionaries helped to crystallize the meaning behind his own experiences and observations that big animals were a missing element in the larger ecosystems around us. He purchased what is now APD Farm in the Spring of 2016 to grow soil and biodiversity with cattle while producing nutrient-dense food, and to affirmatively engage society about a new way forward.



Abby is first and foremost a documentary filmmaker, most notably known for her work on Netflix’s acclaimed series CHEF’S TABLE, as well as her award winning film, DO YOU DREAM IN COLOR? She is now embarking on a journey to tell the story of regenerative agriculture, soil and climate change. She also loves eating delicious food from the farm, and exploring the pasture and woods with her dog, Charlotte.