The Soil Study

For decades, good grazing managers and scientists the world over have been identifying and piecing together a more complete picture of nature. Herds of large grazing animals and their predators are missing. With this relationship broken or nonexistent we have caused a major disruption in the carbon and water cycles across the globe. Using livestock to mimic the relationship between predator and prey on soils and vegetation, we can repair the relationship between plants and soils and bring ecosystems back into function.  In June 2016, we completed what we believe to be the most comprehensive baseline soil study in the world to date. Across the farm, hundreds of 4 foot soil cores comprise 88 data points per core, capturing a chemical, physical and biological snapshot of the soil below. Over time we will be measuring and quantifying changes on and in the soil and adjusting management accordingly to optimize the accumulation of stable soil carbon and rainfall infiltration.

Why is this so important?

What gets measured gets managed. At APD Farm we measure, then manage our cattle to optimize the conditions on the soil surface that enable pastures to cycle more carbon, soak in more rainfall and increase biodiversity both on and in the soil. Healthier land, healthier food, healthier atmosphere.